Principles of Cloud Cost Optimization
Author: Kalibr8 Marketing
Date: August 31, 2022

The digital transformation of our society is becoming increasingly pronounced as innovation continues to drive forward boundlessly, creating new disruptive applications and devices which integrate worldwide. Industry frontrunners have continued to leverage these technologies into their operation to improve efficiency, time-to-market, and customer experience, which has seen them benefit from sizable ROI as a result. 

However, as the array of solutions used by companies becomes more diverse, the heterogeneity of their cloud infrastructure has become increasingly unmanageable, with cloud costs becoming opaquer and more difficult to track. This has led to many organisations integrating the next generation of applications and services suffering from poorly optimised costs which can quickly accumulate to cause considerable damage to the business.

Core to the success of any competitive business is efficient cloud expense management. As global markets become progressively saturated with new organisations, efficiency is key to moving ahead of the rest and providing the differentiation needed to make your company stand out. Cloud optimisation can enable this by offering a myriad of advantages, including:

  • Reduced Costs 
  • Visibility 
  • Enhanced Performance 
  • Improved Consistency  

When it comes to optimising cloud costs, the myriad of tools and techniques offered to businesses is extensive, and choosing the right one can prove difficult. We at Kalibr8 provide a conclusive set of services and solutions for organisations to utilise, including:

  • Cloud Advanced Scheduling – Automated advanced cloud resource scheduling. Manage the cost profile of resources per resource, subscriptions, or tenant. Flexible, agile, and simple. 
  • Deliver up to 60% savings back to your cloud budgets – Customers using Kalibr8 have had up to 60% of their cloud resource costs returned, allowing them to reallocate them elsewhere or to deliver savings to the bottom line on cloud Opex costs.
  • Versatility in Application – Manage your cloud resources online, through our portal or our mobile app. Get alerts, turn resources on / off, or amended schedules. 
  • Visibility and ReportingWith Kalibr8 – Cloud confidence, you can easily see your most expensive resources and delivery cost and usage reporting. Rightsizing information and identifying under-use of orphaned resources. Deliver and report on your cost profile at any time to Power Apps or Excel.

At Kalibr8, we prioritise cloud confidence, providing the central hub for your organisation’s cloud cost optimisations. All future cost optimisation capability releases by our supported cloud will continue to be seamlessly integrated into our platform, providing your organisation with the agility and flexibility required to exert complete control over cloud costs and scale your business to any extent.

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