Addressing Managed Service Providers greatest challenges with proven solutions.

Managed Services Providers are facing unprecedented competition and challenges. Kailbr8’s platform and solutions make it easier to run a profitable business and attract new customers using automation that reduces effort while improving the bottom line.

Kalibr8 is a comprehensive, multi-tenant cloud management platform designed specifically for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). It provides a single-pane-of-glass view, enabling efficient management and optimization of cloud resources across multiple customers and environments.

Optimize your cloud resources and deliver up to 60% monthly savings.

  • We analyze, optimize, and automate
  • Our optimization platform is designed specifically for MSPs and two-tier distributors
  • We provide the only 100% channel automated cost optimization SaaS platform in the market
  • Our latest release (June 2024) uses AI and Machine Learning techniques.

Why Kalibr8 for MSPs?


Navig8 includes expansive and customizable analytics intelligence


Automated functionality / automated governance / automated monitoring


Designed specifically for MSP, channel and multi-tenancy needs


Managed, automated schedules, PaaS scaling and optimization of end user cloud resources and budgets


Drives exponentially more productivity: Single Platform, Single Pane of Glass, Multi-Tenant, Multi Cloud

Introducing Kalibr8 2.0

Automatic Discovery and Navigation

Take control of cloud spend with Kalibr8’s Automated Multi-Cloud cost optimization platform.

  • Dramatically reduces cloud spend for MSPs and their end customers.
  • Simplifies and strengthens operations.
  • Serves multiple customers on a single platform.

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Proactive Cloud Analytics

Access analytical Data across any or all customers on a single platform.

  • Manages MSP’s end customers by exception.
  • Delivers deep insight into customer cloud costs and savings.
  • Reveals cloud resource usage patterns easily, including under and overprovisioned cloud resources and delivers valuable new insights.

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Collect – Visualize – Optimize – Report

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