Automatic Discovery and Navigation

Take control of cloud spend with Kalibr8’s Automated Multi-Cloud cost optimization platform.

  • Optimize cloud spend with Kalibr8 multi step wizard
  • Right size recommendation
  • Identify unmanaged resources
  • Find reserved instance opportunities
  • Automate schedules and scaling requirements
  • Report against optimization findings to existing or potential new customers

Analyze your cloud spend in real time.
Optimize your cloud spend all the time.

MSPs must adapt to a completely new way of procuring IT infrastructure, moving from predictable upfront capital expenditure to variable consumption-based monthly bills and new procurement workflows from the growing number of B2B cloud marketplaces.

Optimize your cloud resources and deliver up to 60% monthly savings with the Kalibr8 platform, now enriched with deep analytics and machine learning.

  • We analyze, optimize, and automate
  • Admins can view Azure through a single pane of glass
  • Automate cloud resource optimization & cost management platform
  • Our optimization platform is designed specifically for MSPs and two-tier distribution
  • We provide the only 100% channel automated cost optimization SaaS platform in the market
  • Deliver valuable new services that more than pay for themselves