Kalibr8 provides an automated cloud optimization & cost management platform with an intuitive and efficient “single pane of glass” view into all aspects that impact getting the most value for the least cost. Designed for Managed Service Providers, today, our platform securely manages Microsoft Azure assets with a goal to improve the economics and ROI.

Understand a VM’s usage pattern and make more accurate decisions as to when each scaling or schedule group is needed to be available to users.

Easily see savings from scheduling & scaling VM’s and cost usage in dollars and cents over defined billing period.

Build, view, and understanding overtime of VM costs vs. specifications and requirements against each VM’s intended use.

We continually assess Microsoft support as they release further capabilities to manage customer environment to a more granular level.

We provide a centralized portal to leverage more advanced management capabilities over time. These include horizontal scaling, power consumption savings, cloud insights, trends, and usage data.

We provide a single view across multiple clouds with data on cost, power consumption, and overall optimization to ensure customer cloud assets are being adequately tracked with automated management and scheduling.

By working with Kalibr8, our Managed Service Provider Partners can work with their customers to maximize budgets and confidence in their cloud opex and can view costs and savings by resources, group, subscription, or tenant.

Automated VM Onboarding

Advanced VM Scheduling

Automated Resource Scaling (PaaS)

Optimization Reporting

Financial Reporting (Potential Consumption Cost Saving)

Financial Reporting (Actual Consumption Cost Saving)

Saving Analysis and Reporting

Advanced Active Analytics (Singularity)

Advanced Optimization

Historical Usage Data - Immediate Recommendations

Power Consumption Analysis and Saving

Reporting Data in API

Mobile Management (Future Release)

Carbon Footprint Analysis (Future Release)

Additional Cloud Onboarding Roadmap (Alibaba/Oracle/IBM)

Join us on this journey.