A powerful cloud analysis and insights engine designed automate and optimize the operations of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Our automated cloud optimization and cost management platform provides ISVs with an intuitive and efficient “single pane of glass” view, ensuring maximum value at minimal cost.

With advanced analytics, automated optimization, and fraud detection features, Kalibr8 empowers ISVs to easily and immediately streamline their own operations and maximize their clients’ cloud and IT investments.

Visibility, Insights & Control

Key Features


Deep Insights into Cloud Costs & Usage

Understand & Monitor your cloud spend.


Effective Governance & Financial Monitoring

Implement governance for financial monitoring


Development Platform Scheduling

Gain actionable insights to optimize performance.


AI & Machine Learning

Use advanced techniques for ongoing policy implementation, optimizing cloud growth, and controlling expenses.


Resource Usage Patterns

Easily view and analyze cloud resource usage.


Azure & AWS (Q4 2024) Credits Management

Incorporate analytics into consumption for better credits management.


Bottlenecks Identification

Detect and address under/overprovisioning issues.


Comprehensive Analytics Suite

Train the suite to monitor, analyze GTM, and cloud costs for better customer service.

Automate & Elevate

Key Features


Kalibr8 Auto Deployment

Automated code deployment with rightsized infrastructure.


ISV Management

Manage development teams as customers, especially beneficial pre-revenue.


DevOps Efficiency

Simplifies cloud infrastructure management for DevOps teams.


Budget Control

Implement thresholds to prevent exceeding budget limits.


Azure Consumption Tracking

Optimize and save across different teams.


Infrastructure Cost Forecasting

Predict the financial impact of changes.


Cost Guardrails

Implement cost thresholds.


Anomaly Detection

Machine learning-driven identification and alerts for unusual usage patterns.


Development Focus

Shifts focus to application deployment over resource management.


Cost Forecasting

Predict financial impacts of infrastructure changes.


Bottleneck & Cost Remediation

Identify and resolve bottlenecks and cost issues.


Cost Analysis & Forecasting for ISV

Analyze costs and forecast future expenses.


Integrated Tooling

Seamless integration into daily workflows.


Predefined Infrastructure

Provides an efficient starting point for developers.

Managed Cloud Credits

Key Features


Cloud Credits Consumption Tracking

Monitor & manage cloud credits usage.


Resource Sprawl Prevention

Prevent unused resource sprawl.


Reserved Instances Identification

Forecast potential savings & reserved instances.


Customer Cost Allocation, Budgeting & Alerts

Set budgets & alerts for better cost management.


Alerts for Old & Orphaned Resources

Identify & manage old and orphaned resources.


Tailored Financial Profiles & Analytics

Create customized financial profiles for your customer base.

Enhance efficiency not only in your cloud operations but also within your platform & development teams.

No Scripts / No Coding / No Hassles

Auto Deployment

Costs Saving Projects

Analyze customer subsets to forecast service delivery overheads. Identify & remediate old customer assets or unused resources.


Rightsizing Identification

Track & report back costs and savings analysis.

Proactive Recommendation

Determine when to procure reserved instances or savings plans.

Integration with DevOps Tools

CI/CD Pipeline Integration

Integrate with popular CI/CD tools (e.g. GitHub) for cost optimization.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Support

Provide cost analysis, rightsizing & recommendations for IaC templates (e.g. Terraform, Bicep templates).