Pure channel. Pure profit.
Modern partnership made possible with our modern platform.

Platform Benefits On All Levels:
Distributors, MSPs and End Customers

  • High margin flexible recurring revenue model
  • Differentiated market offering
  • Ability to provide white label platform
  • Strengthens relationship with MSPs and their customers
  • Can be bundled with IaaS sales along with ability to optimize their use
  • No term or volume commitments
  • Partner portal to manage and report activity
    • Automated solution with high recurring revenue stream
    • Manage hundreds of MSP individually or as group
    • Track revenue per MSP
    • Track revenue per end-customers

As a Kalibr8 channel distributor or MSP partner, you will enjoy a range of benefits designed to nurture and strengthen our relationship and collective goals.

We work closely with world-class distributors, MSPs and other partners who put their trust in us to ensure we are all bringing consistently great value to all, especially the end-customers who ultimately benefit.

The Kalibr8 Channel Partner Promise:
We will help you grow your business profitably.

The Kalibr8 Channel Partner Promise:
Grow your business profitability

Together we have:

  • A passion for excellence
  • A channel-first philosophy
  • Integrity in all the business we conduct
  • Mutual respect and a genuine desire to collaborate
  • Commitment to the channel community