Kalibr8 vs. Turbonomic: How Kalibr8 Empowers MSPs with Cost Optimization Solutions for Small-Mid sized Companies
Author: Ben McGahon
Date: November 14, 2023

The modern era has overseen a gradual shift toward innovation and technology, representing the key precursors of success within global markets. With the increasing reliance on these powerful solutions such as cloud computing, businesses need efficient and cost-effective solutions to maximize their cloud performance.

This is even more prevalent for small-mid-sized businesses that have invested a substantial percentage of their budget into cloud adoption, as any challenges in optimization can significantly impact their overall financial health. Among these companies, many end up with high running costs on the cloud or have a lack of clarity regarding the costs associated with cloud migration. Several factors contribute to these challenges, including the complexity of cloud pricing models, the dynamic nature of cloud usage, and the lack of experience and expertise in cloud cost management across minimal IT teams.

For these businesses, it is integral to recognize the value of MSPs who can provide the myriad tools and expertise necessary alongside a level of scalability that makes future growth accessible. However, it is equally important that the chosen MSP can maximize company output and diminish the top cloud challenge facing SMBs today, effectively managing cloud spend. With a breadth of resources and tools available in the modern market, it can be difficult for MSPs to assess which cloud management solutions best fit their specific scenario.

IBM Turbonomic is a successful solution that attaches to a pre-existing infrastructure for optimization and resource management across huge businesses with significant variances in policy and resources across the company. However, while Turbonomic is an effective solution for large-scale organizations, many less robust companies lack the sizable IT teams capable of configuring and managing independent policies while effectively monitoring resource allocation. In these scenarios, Turbonomic proves an ineffective solution for its high initial investment and subsequent maintenance costs, marginally increasing efficiency while easily overwhelming individual users and smaller IT teams.

For MSPs, the key is to identify software that trades breadth for affordability to provide a comprehensive but more personalized experience. At Kalibr8, we recognize the difficult challenges facing MSP clients and have personalized our automated cost optimization platform for this exact use case. 

Here, we have designed our solution to provide an efficient “single pane of glass” view into all aspects that impact optimization and cost management, getting MSPs the most value for the least cost. Designed for the modern MSP, our platform securely manages Microsoft Azure assets, intending to improve the economics and ROI of our clients and their customers.

Via the incorporation of our platform into an MSP portfolio, beneficiaries are able to automate the management of cloud costs, company cloud assets, and data privacy, enabling them to focus on other areas of service for their clients. Alongside our powerful analytical capabilities, MSPs can focus on making an array of data-driven decisions that further personalize optimization, ensuring that businesses always receive the maximum return on their investment. With cloud incorporation constantly growing and the demand for cloud expense management at a historic peak, MSPs face a sizable challenge in effectively managing their clients’ often unwieldy cloud environments. Our tailored solution mitigates this by combining simplicity and sophistication, unifying cloud management features and powerful analytics capabilities into one holistic platform that uncovers the untapped potential for MSPs to seize.

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