Kalibr8 Leading the Charge in Managing the Surge of Cloud Spending
Author: Kalibr8 Marketing
Date: March 7, 2024

Originally published on Cloud Computing Magazine

Cloud technology has become permanently intertwined with the future of business. Since its inception, rapid innovation and integration have exponentially increased worldwide cloud service spending as industry standards set a precedent for introducing powerful cloud infrastructures and devices. Jay McBain detailed the staying power of cloud technology on LinkedIn Pulse, stating that worldwide cloud spending is projected to grow by 20% in 2024, following a growth of 18% that saw the market expand substantially during 2023.

Underscoring this significant trend is the pressing need for organizations to ensure that each dollar spent on cloud costs is effectively managed to deliver optimal value. Amidst this global surge, cloud management solution providers are taking center stage in revolutionizing how organizations manage their cloud expenditures. For industry leaders like Kalibr8, providing an innovative approach to cloud spend management is pivotal in the wake of this unprecedented growth.

The escalating investment in cloud infrastructures presents both unparalleled opportunities and challenges for businesses across industries. As organizations continue to accelerate their pace of cloud adoption, the imperative to control and optimize cloud spending has never been more crucial. In the face of this rapid expansion, innovative solutions that empower businesses to manage their cloud expenditure are indispensable.

Concerns about overspending, suboptimal resource allocation, and lack of visibility into cloud costs are widely recognized challenges. Kalibr8’s commitment to addressing these pain points reflects a deep understanding of the intricate demands of cloud spend management. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and strategic insights, Kalibr8 offers businesses a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to confidently navigate the complexities of cloud expenditure.

“It’s accepted that a modern cloud management strategy requires sophisticated software to understand cloud usage trends and obtain insights to ensure that every dollar spent is driving value to the customer,” said Ben McGahon, Chief Executive Officer of Kalibr8. “Most fin-ops technology delivers analytics or actions to act upon data. Kalibr8 delivers both capabilities. Furthermore, the vast majority of fin-ops SaaS platforms are designed for the end customer experience and neglect the specific needs of the Managed Service provider. Kalibr8 fills this gap. While our platform delivers significant value to end users, it is primarily designed for the MSP experience, driving down service costs and increasing value to customers. Our North Star for all features, benefits, and actions is How does this benefit the MSP.”

As businesses pivot towards a cloud-first approach, the need for comprehensive solutions that encompass cost governance, optimization, and value realization becomes increasingly apparent. This is where Kalibr8 emerges as a pivotal partner, empowering organizations to harness the full potential of their cloud investments while mitigating risks associated with unmanaged spending.

Kalibr8’s proactive stance in aiding businesses to manage their cloud spending aligns with the imperative prescribed by Jay McBain’s insights on the escalation of worldwide cloud service spending. It epitomizes a strategic response to the difficulties of a burgeoning digital landscape, where successful enterprises are defined by their ability to innovate and adeptness in optimizing every dollar invested in the cloud.

The reality with cloud providers is that there is an ease in consumption that goes beyond previous methods of on-premise strategies. The need to manage this consumption and align it with the needs of any organization is increasingly imperative as adoption grows and expands. The Kalibr8 platform bridges this gap, rightsizing and automating daily routines to ensure that identified inefficiencies by our platform do not reappear and remove the use of expensive resources and people to achieve this consistent balance.

Kalibr8 provides an automated cloud optimization & cost management platform with an intuitive and efficient “single pane of glass” view into all aspects that impact getting the most value for the least cost. Designed for Managed Service Providers, our platform securely manages Microsoft Azure assets with the goal to improve the economics and ROI.

To learn more about how Kalibr8 can help your business effectively manage its cloud spending, visit their website at https://kalibr8.io/.

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