Go Green, Save Money: Less Power, More Value
Author: Kalibr8 Marketing
Date: August 31, 2022

Our effect on the climate has become increasingly evident. As a result, governments worldwide are driving forward sustainability campaigns, placing decarbonization, and setting up eco-friendly initiatives at the forefront of their agenda. Enterprises have followed suit, recognising the global demand for sustainability goals, with giants such as Amazon, Alphabet, and Facebook opting for renewable energy sources and planning further alterations to their business practices to ensure sustainability. Following industry frontrunners, more than 90% of organisations have increased their investments in sustainability programs since the pandemic compared to investments in 2017.

The need to ‘go green’ has never been greater, but many organisations are unsure how to achieve and track their environmental goals as we advance. At Kalibr8, we recognise that cloud computing is the future; by switching to the cloud, companies can replace their local server to centralise their data processing and management on the cloud instead. In addition to significantly reducing carbon emissions, businesses can benefit from the greatly enhanced flexibility and scalability this move provides. Gartner predicts that the carbon emissions of hyper-scale cloud services will be a top three criterion for driving cloud purchase decisions by 2025.

Simultaneously, with the need to buy or operate IT equipment completely replaced by cloud services, companies can minimise many of their ‘material costs’ and remove the previous risk of overprovisioning their assets among an array of other considerable benefits, including:

  • Sustainable Infrastructure – Public cloud data centers are often located closer to their respective energy sources than their traditional counterparts. In conjunction with a superior hardware setup, cloud data centers are designed for scalability and optimised energy use to produce an efficient solution
  • Reduction In Climate Impact – Constantly running machines at peak performance with constantly monitored temperature levels is costly and energy inefficient; the cloud removes this along with the carbon emissions generated
  • Higher Utilisation Rate – Due to their widely used infrastructure, public cloud servers are far more efficient than private data centers, which only service one company; these servers are often overprovisioned in anticipation of server usage spikes making them exceedingly inefficient
  • Minimise Electricity Overuse – Legacy data hardware systems require a stream of uninterrupted power, cooling, and excessive electricity. Moving business programs to the cloud instead can reduce the total energy consumption of these software applications by 87%, according to a study funded by Google
  • Hardware Refresh Speed – Updating traditional data centers with the most up-to-date hardware can prove very costly and time-consuming; public cloud servers are much more utilised, making upgrades more efficient for increasing energy saving

Sustainability and business growth have become inextricably linked; driving eco-friendly agendas within your company is now core to success and increasing your competitiveness across any industry.

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