When Simplicity and Sophistication Combine, Cloud Expense Management Becomes More Automated and Effective
Author: Kalibr8 Marketing
Date: October 12, 2023

Originally published in MSP Today

The digital transformation has seen myriad operations and applications that traditionally required on-premises equipment and software being reevaluated and subsequently deployed utilizing cloud infrastructure. With uncertainty in the economy and IT portfolios constantly expanding, the introduction of a cost-efficient and scalable cloud structure provided many organizations and service providers with a seemingly infallible innovation to lower expenditure while streamlining technology integration.

For many of these businesses, cloud adoption was initially integrated to significant effect, proving incredibly advantageous for company growth despite an increasingly competitive environment. However, as cloud usage began to proliferate, consumption of cloud resources became noticeably inefficient. Lacking the proper scrutiny for the ever-broadening amount of operations and applications deployed from the cloud infrastructure, organizations would often overrun costs while simultaneously contributing to lapses in their security, leaving them vulnerable to fraud.

“With businesses lacking cohesive IT teams, the constant development of their cloud infrastructure to deliver business value across communications, storage, and cybersecurity can become unmanageably complex,” said Ben McGahon, Founder and CEO of Kalibr8, a cloud expense management automated platform provider. “Without the proper tools and guidance, SMBs especially suffer, which is creating a massive opportunity for MSPs to step in and diminish cloud spend and streamline cloud infrastructure for their customers.”

MSPs providing cloud services have already seen success, as revealed in a 2022 Cloud Infrastructure Report conducted by Dimensional Research, which stated that 71% of respondents rely on an MSP for some portion of their cloud operations, of which 100% said they benefit from the exchange.

The financial services market for MSPs is set to expand even further, as suggested by Gartner, who reports that all segments of the cloud market are expected to see considerable growth throughout 2023. Marking Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to experience the largest spending growth of 30.9% and 24.1% respectively.

“MSPs should be aware of and act on these solid growth forecasts,” McGahon said, “as there is additional revenue here, as well as the opportunity to become even more valuable to customers as the world continues to rely on cloud more and more.”

Designed especially for two-tier distribution, the Kalibr8 platform is an efficient addition to any MSP portfolio. Formulated to address the specific use case of MSPs who require broader capabilities, Kalibr8 enables the provider to manage multiple customers using multiple clouds, subscriptions, and resources, either individually or collectively.

Delivered as a ubiquitous service, this cloud optimization software automates daily administration while providing MSPs with continual saving opportunities that accentuate their ability to perform other value-adding tasks instead of wasting potentially productive hours on manual research and analytics.

“Digital business transformation has provided ample opportunity for MSPs to drive successful outcomes for themselves and their customers when pursuing cloud adoption,” McGahon explained. “By utilizing the appropriate range of tools and advanced software, MSPs can mitigate the various cloud inefficiencies that exert increased expenses on their customers by making certain they are getting the highest ROI on their investment.”

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