A Huge Opportunity for MSPs and their Customers: Intelligent and Automated Cloud Expense Management
Author: Ben McGahon
Date: October 12, 2023

The modern digital landscape is rapidly evolving; businesses are increasingly turning to cloud infrastructure to streamline their operations and gain a competitive edge. However, as organizations embrace the cloud, they often face challenges in managing costs, ensuring security, and optimizing resources. This is especially difficult for small-mid-sized businesses that cannot form large-scale adaptable IT teams capable of streamlining the considerable breadth of technologies and operations deployed from the cloud infrastructure.

This provides ample opportunity for MSPs who can play a crucial role in helping businesses navigate the complex world of cloud infrastructure by providing expertise in FinOps, security, and resource optimization. For MSPs looking to expand their services or IT teams seeking to optimize cloud infrastructure directly, here we will provide valuable insights into the role of MSPs in cloud expense management to escalate the success of customer businesses.

MSPs in Cloud Expense Management

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, cloud costs have come under scrutiny like never before. With cloud usage on the rise, organizations are finding it challenging to manage and control their expenses. According to Tracy Woo, a Senior Analyst at Forrester, discussions around cloud cost management, also known as FinOps, are a common theme in cloud conversations, proving a key concern for organizations.

The inefficient consumption of cloud resources wastes company spending and leaves a potential for security vulnerabilities, leaving enterprises vulnerable to fraud. Without proper scrutiny and management of cloud operations and applications, businesses will continue to suffer from increasingly dramatic cost overruns.

MSPs can provide FinOps to aid companies in managing and optimizing cloud costs.

By implementing FinOps practices, businesses can gain better control over their cloud costs and ensure they are getting the most value from their cloud infrastructure. This involves streamlining cloud costs, allocating resources more effectively, and driving business value across various areas such as communications, storage, cybersecurity, and DevOps.

By utilizing our platform, MSPs can benefit from a solution developed primarily for two-tier distribution, enabling them to address and manage the requirements of multiple customers using multiple clouds, subscriptions, and resources, either individually or collectively. MSPs can deliver this solution to their customers ubiquitously, using cloud optimization software to automate daily administration while simultaneously providing a variety of analytics to produce significant cost reductions for customers.

At Kalibr8, we have brought cloud optimization software designed for the specific use case of MSPs who can now maximize the benefits of their clients’ cloud infrastructure. Organizations must remain competitive by partnering with next-gen cloud MSPs who can provide the necessary expertise and support to optimize successful cloud transformations.

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