Are Managed Service Providers Getting the Most Value from Their Cloud Spend?
Author: Ben McGahon
Date: September 1, 2022

Controlling cloud costs and delivering cloud value is more challenging than most MSPs expect. Kalibr8’s infrastructure management platform and tools provide the instrumentation and data needed to fully understand the true economics associated with the multiple clouds MSPs leverage to deliver services to their end customers. 

IDC estimates that 10-30% of cloud spending is wasted even as companies plan on spending more on the cloud. They point out the importance of managing cost-to-value ratios and maintaining the benefits of flexibility without over-resourcing. 

“To address spiraling costs or cloud ‘sprawl,’ and the challenge of delivering value, companies need to commit to improvements around tooling, processes, governance, and reporting,” their report reads, adding that with the right tools, experience, and process, they were able to drive a 33% reduction in costs for AWS and 36% for Azure for one of their large enterprise clients.

This compares to generally 10% to 15% cloud cost savings and up to 40% cost savings for non-optimized environments (based on IDC’s Future Enterprise Resiliency & Spending Survey, February 2022). Kalibr8 has raised the bar on cloud optimization tools with our Kalibr8 Optimization Loop platform, with unprecedented automation, intelligence, analytics, reporting, and actionable insights designed specifically for MSPs who stand to benefit greatly when they are able to bring their customers the most value in an increasingly dynamic, multi-cloud world.

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