Unleashing Cloud Efficiency: Introducing Singularity by Kalibr8
Author: Kalibr8 Marketing
Date: January 17, 2024

Originally published on MSP Today

The modern-day managed service provider (MSP) has evolved from humble beginnings as hardware and software vendors to full-blown IT experts tasked with a variety of technical responsibilities by their clients. Of their new responsibilities, cloud management and optimization are among the most prominent duties businesses are prioritizing, as MSPs nowadays are counted on by enterprises to conquer inefficient cloud use and spending, better known as cloud waste.

new StromForge report found that over the past year, 75 percent of organizations reported an increase in cloud waste, with anywhere from 30 percent to 47 percent of cloud spending being considered wasteful. This amount of wasteful cloud expenditures can have severe financial and efficacy consequences, which is exactly why businesses are leveraging MSPs more than ever.

Still, reducing a client’s cloud waste is no easy task. MSPs are now looking for ways to boost their cloud capabilities and offerings, with the most notable form the use of cloud optimization software and platforms. These software suites can provide MSPs with tools that allow them to exercise administrative control over private, public, and hybrid clouds and are rapidly becoming commonplace among MSPs thanks to how effectively they can help dispel cloud waste.

Recently, Kalibr8, a technology, information, and internet company that focuses on cloud optimization through SaaS solutions, announced the general availability of its enhanced cloud optimization software, which automatically tracks and adapts spend associated with Microsoft Azure services, enabling MSPs and their end customers full visibility into expenses and the ability to automatically calibrate the usage of services to get the most value from their investments in Azure across applications.

As a cutting-edge vendor specializing in automated cost optimization for cloud services, Kalibr8’s “Singularity” can help revolutionize how businesses manage their cloud expenses, streamline administrative processes, and drive efficiency.

“By leveraging our unique multi-tenant capability, MSPs can oversee, analyze, and manage cloud assets across multiple customer accounts and providers in a single pane of glass,” said Ben McGahon, founder and CEO of Kalibr8. “This comprehensive approach to cloud optimization ensures that businesses can make strategic decisions regarding their cloud resources, ultimately leading to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

Cloud administration can often be complex, time-consuming, and extremely wasteful, but it is essential and necessary for organizations across industries to build sustainable businesses.

In a recent Anodot executive survey, nearly half of all respondents said optimizing and managing multi-cloud environments is challenging, with 54 percent citing lack of visibility as the main hurdle. Yet, the benefits of driving insights-based efficiencies are numerous, making taking on these challenges worthwhile. These include cost efficiency and resource allocation to scalability and competitive advantage. By prioritizing the optimization of cloud expenses, businesses can drive profitability, increase operational efficiency, and contribute to a more sustainable and successful future.

Kalibr8 Singularity simplifies the process of cloud optimization by providing the tools to identify unmanaged resources and optimize resource allocation. By streamlining administrative tasks, Kalibr8 enables organizations to focus on their core business objectives and drive growth. With a well-designed user experience through a web-based portal, the model also allows MSPs to easily onboard as many customers as they wish, with clearly defined benefits showing precisely how much is being spent on cloud consumption and where the spend can be reduced in near real-time.

The Kalibr8 Singularity solution is available with standard and premium offers. The premium subscription provides more data analytics, more automation, more recommendations, and capabilities for all Azure costs beyond the Virtual Machine provided for in the standard version. Premium also uplifts additional valuable features, such as a dedicated onboarding specialist, dedicated support, multi-team support, Slack Connect Chat, and Enterprise SSO. Premium users will also benefit from extensive roadmap enhancements, including multi-cloud and AI-powered search features and identification of optimization opportunities and actions.

“We are delighted to make this easy-to-use and highly valuable analytics and intelligence service available to MSPs around the world,” continued McGahon. “Our automated cloud optimization capabilities empower MSPs to effortlessly manage their customers’ cloud resources and to ensure their customers are getting the most out of their Azure services. With far greater depth of analytics and more automation delivered through policy in real-time, our Singularity platform brings even greater value to MSPs and their customers in 2024 and beyond.”

Learn more about Singularity here.

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