Specialist Distributor Cloud Ready Joins Forces with Kalibr8 to Bring Cloud Optimization Solutions to Managed Service Providers in Australia and The Pacific Region
Author: Kalibr8 Marketing
Press Release
Date: October 12, 2022

Dublin, Ireland; NSW, QLD, VIC, Australia; October 12, 2022— Kalibr8™ today announced they are rolling out their Cloud Optimization Loop™ to Managed Service Providers in Australia through a new distribution agreement with Cloud Ready, the leading cloud-first technology distributor serving MSP customers in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, Australia, as well as New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Cloud Ready will ensure that the Kalibr8 platform will be deployed and supported professionally, with proven expert pre- and post-sale advice, assistance with commercial terms, and complete partner services and support for the IT channel across the Pacific region.

“We are forever grateful for the support of the team at Cloud Ready, for their insights during the nearly two-year development process,” said founder and CEO of Kalibr8, Ben McGahon. “It is only by listening to the essential cloud distributors and service providers that any company can truly understand what the end customers need, and in this case, we confirmed that Cloud Confidence™ was lacking across the digital supply chain. Organizations cannot manage what they cannot measure, and now with this next level of instrumentation and automation, there is transparency on pricing, recommendations for expense reduction, and valuable tools that make it possible to forecast and calibrate cloud investments over time.”

“We are honored to bring this platform and solution to service providers,” said Kelly von der Heyden, Sales Director, Cloud Ready. “The adoption of cloud is skyrocketing across the regions we serve and being able to offer not just cloud services but the best value for cloud services is tremendously valuable, to our business, and by extension service providers and the organizations who trust them to ensure the best technologies are available to them at the best prices. We look forward to our collective growth, and to continuing to influence the ongoing innovation Kalibr8 will bring to all their partners.”

Kalibr8 last week emerged out of development mode into general availability of their highly automated solution which enables service providers and their customers to optimize their investments in cloud services through an advanced, unified portal that works across Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

Designed for Managed Service Providers, and sold only through channels, Kalibr8’s Optimizer Loop™ platform today securely manages Microsoft Azure assets with a goal to continually improve the economics and ROI of cloud consumption.

AWS and GCP modules will be available by the first quarter of 2023, and data automatically harvested from all three hyper scalers will be enriched through orchestration software developed by Kalibr8, presented through an automated, unified portal with an intuitive user experience.

Kalibr8’s platform has a commercial model that is straightforward, based on delivery analytics, with a “Pay as you Optimize” model. The solution also includes no blanket percent of subscription, cumbersome resources, instance- or subscription-based pricing that requires constant monitoring to ensure underlying costs stay with predefined product categories.

With a well-designed user experience through a web-based portal, the model also allows MSP to easily on board as many customers as they wish, with streamlined onboarding, a “pay only for what you use” approach, with clearly defined benefits showing precisely how much is being spent on cloud consumption and where the spend can be reduced in near real time. The Optimizer Loop runs continually and with no human intervention necessary when each instance is defined, with policies set, and notifications and alerts that drive greater productivity for MSPs who no longer need to worry about conducting manual analyses.

Kalibr8 is continually assessing Microsoft Azure cloud services they release further capabilities to manage customer environments to a more granular level. Kalibr8 aims by Q1 of 2023 to integrate Azure, AWS and GCP accessible and managed within a unified environment, orchestrating all data into a “single pane of glass” view and experience. Designed from the ground up for MSPs, Kalibr8’s operations, analytics and reporting features can be configured to any service provider’s specific needs.

About Cloud Ready

Cloud Ready is a leading distributor, systems integrator and professional services company based in Australia and supporting ANZ service providers who keep ANZ companies safe by protecting their data from disaster, corruption, cyberattacks and sabotage. Our mission is to be the most trusted and successful data protection company in the Asia Pacific region.

For more information, please visit https://www.cloudreadysolutions.com.au.

Media Contact for Cloud Ready

Kelly von der Heyden


About Kalibr8

Kalibr8 cloud optimization SaaS delivers automated and easy-to-use cloud-cost solutions to organizations through Managed Service Providers and Distributors. Kalibr8’s automated cloud optimization capabilities allow MSPs to manage their customer’s cloud resources easily. No coding, No scripting, No hassle.

For more information, please visit https://kalibr8.io and follow us on LinkedIn.

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Cynthia Artin

Artin Arts for Kalibr8


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