Kalibr8 Ushers in a New Era of Cloud Management with Singularity for Azure
Author: Kalibr8 Marketing
Date: January 18, 2024

Originally published on TechZone 360

In the rapidly evolving cloud computing market, effective management has become an ever-present problem for companies competing across myriad industries. For MSPs, this problem is further exacerbated as expectancy from these organizations only increases alongside the incorporation of more devices, tools, and systems that create excessively intricate infrastructures. MSPs must be fully equipped to manage and optimize a diverse range of cloud resources efficiently but can often spread themselves too thin in an effort to satisfy every requirement. 

An exciting announcement from Kalibr8 marks a substantial leap forward in cloud management practices. Demarcating itself from past offerings, Kalibr8’s “Singularity” for Azure extends beyond the traditional frameworks to proffer a dynamic, automated system designed to monitor meticulously and moderate spending for Microsoft Azure services.

Cutting through the complexity, “Singularity” positions itself to reduce friction and streamline a number of processes – allowing organizations to cut down on unmanageable resources and optimize allocation with minimal administrative overhead. The solution aims to provide an array of visible results that include:

  • A dramatic reduction in cloud spending for your organizations and your end customers
  • Identification of unmanaged resources
  • Implementation of effective governance
  • Accurate cost allocation
  • Automated administration
  • Service for multiple customers is available through an exclusive service.

Made specifically with the use case of MSPs in mind, Kalibr8 has newly incorporated a plethora of features into its platform. The remarkable multi-tenant component is a game-changer, allowing MSPs to oversee and punctiliously analyze and manage cloud assets across multiple accounts under one canopy. This layer of visibility cannot be understated; providing a single pane of glass cascades into tangible cost savings, improved operational efficiency, and strategic resourcing decisions for businesses.

Capable of servicing a diverse palette of business requirements, the solution has been designed around a ‘pay only for what you use’ model. This is further separated into freemium and premium features with the option of an encompassing premium subscription model which provides user access to a variety of features, including:

  • Enriched data analytics
  • Extended automation
  • Dedicated onboarding specialist
  • Multifaceted team support
  • Slack Connect Chat
  • Enterprise SSO

As digital transformation continues to march ahead, the growth of cloud technologies remains a foregone conclusion. At Kalibr8, we strive to press at the frontier, ushering in pivotal shifts to how businesses engage with cloud computing.

This announcement encapsulates a significant enhancement for MSPs and organizations juggling the shifting paradigms of cloud infrastructure. “Singularity” for Azure is poised to reshape the landscape of cloud consumption management, charting a course for a more efficient and economically sound future in the cloud.

Interested parties can obtain more insights and details on “Singularity” from the latest press release, available here.

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