Kalibr8 Enriches its Cloud Optimization Platform with Deeper Dynamic Data and Real Time AI Analytics
Author: Kalibr8 Marketing
Press Release
Date: June 8, 2023

Dublin, Ireland; June 8, 2023— Kalibr8™ today introduced an expanded set of offerings, including an AI-driven Cloud Optimization Software as a Service capabilities that further automate real time cloud management for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Last month, the company closed a new round of financing which accelerated the development of a more automated approach and the availability of their new K8 AI Active Intelligence™ premium offering, delivering end-to-end, real-time data integration and analytics cloud solutions to close the gaps between data, insights, and action.

K8 AI Active Intelligence enables service providers and their customers to get the maximum value out of their investments in cloud services through an advanced, unified portal designed to work across Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

With the addition of deeper, AI and ML powered analytics and business intelligence, K8’s Optimizer Loop™ platform will deliver even more value to service providers who need to understand, manage, and control cloud expenses for their own business and for the benefit of their small and medium enterprise (SME) end customers.

“We have benefitted significantly from deep discussions with our channel partners and the MSPs they serve, and over the last six months have converted our research into what we consider to be the most dynamic cloud optimization platform in the industry,” said Ben McGahon, CEO of Kalibr8. “With broad expertise in data integration, analytics, AI and machine learning, our developers have enhanced our offering, increasing confidence that trusted and comprehensive data is available drives better business outcomes through near real time, dynamic, adaptive cloud control.”

Kalibr8’s platform has a commercial model that is straightforward and based on delivery analytics, with a “Pay as you Optimize” model. With a well-designed user experience through a web-based portal, the model also allows MSP to easily on board as many customers as they wish using a “pay only for what you use” approach, with clearly defined benefits showing precisely how much is being spent on cloud consumption and where the spend can be reduced in near real-time.

K8 AI Active Intelligence auto-generates advanced analytics and insights supporting a FinOps-as-a-Service approach MSPs can easily and quickly create and bring to their customers.

“This tool improves overall operational efficiency with end-to-end observability, automated governance features, accurate budget forecasting analytics, and resource optimization recommendations across the lifecycle, from DevOps to RevOps,” McMahon said.

Earlier this week, Kalibr8 introduced K8 Notifier, which senses anomalies overuse, under use, abuse or fraud and immediately alerts administrators.

The Kalibr8 team will be demonstrating the combined solution this month in the US. McGahon will be available for meetings and interviews starting on June 10th in Denver, Colorado.

About Kalibr8

Kalibr8 cloud optimization SaaS delivers automated and easy-to-use cloud-cost solutions to organizations through Managed Service Providers and Distributors. Kalibr8’s automated cloud optimization capabilities allow MSPs to manage their customer’s cloud resources easily. No coding, No scripting, No hassle.

For more information, please visit https://kalibr8.io and follow us on LinkedIn.

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