Kalibr8 Emerges Out of Stealth Mode With Cloud Optimization Platform Designed Specifically for Managed Service Providers
Author: Kalibr8 Marketing
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Date: October 4, 2022

Highly automated solution delivers Cloud Confidence to MSPs and their customers across single and multi-cloud environments with a unified view and intuitive design to reduce cloud costs and optimize value

Dublin, Ireland; New York, NY – October 5, 2022 – Advanced Virtual Machine Solutions™ (AVMS) today announced it has completed development of an intelligent, automated and channel only cloud optimization platform, and is emerging from stealth mode with a new brand name – Kalibr8™ – a new Board made up of global tech industry veterans, and an infusion of growth capital while unveiling plans to deepen and broaden their Cloud Optimization as a Service (COaaS) offering which is being sold only through channels.

Kalibr8’s new platform provides an automated cloud optimization and cost management platform with an intuitive and efficient “single pane of glass” view into all aspects that impact getting the most value for the least cost, across the three most popular cloud providers – Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Designed for Managed Service Providers, and sold only through channels, Kalibr8’s Optimizer Loop™ platform today securely manages Microsoft Azure assets with a goal to continually improve the economics and ROI of cloud consumption. AWS and GCP modules will be available by the first quarter of 2023, and data automatically harvested from all three hyper scalers will be enriched through orchestration software developed by Kalibr8, presented through an automated, unified portal with an intuitive user experience.

Addressing Immediate Challenges and Opportunities for MSPs and the Organizations they Serve

Azure, AWS and CGP offers businesses, government agencies, non-profits, and companies of all sizes next-level performance without the complexity of managing a corporate data center, along with the ability to scale up as those organizations grow and increasingly move their computing and communications to public, private, hybrid and multiple clouds.

Over the coming years, organizations will want to operate across multiple clouds and multiple data centers, given the multitude benefits cloud computing and communications deliver, including the support of digital transformation, innovation, distributed and remote workforces, increasingly sophisticated cloud-native business applications and more.

“The big challenge lies in reconciling a complex ecosystem of physical and virtual platforms, with full transparency into the related economics as cloud offerings, pricing, policies, and business models morph within the highly competitive cloud services market,” said founder, Managing Director, and CEO Ben McGahon, who has decades of experience in the MSP industry. “There has been a dramatic shift over the last ten years in how cloud services and cloud-based offerings are discovered, procured, and managed – or mismanaged. MSPs and their customers have learned the hard way about how cloud related expenses can skyrocket. Our mission is to bring next-level transparency and control to MSPs with the most automated, intelligent, and unified cloud management platform in the market.”

Kalibr8’s platform has a commercial model that is straightforward, based on delivery analytics, with a “Pay as you Optimize” model. The solution also includes no blanket percent of subscription, cumbersome resources, instance- or subscription-based pricing that requires constant monitoring to ensure underlying costs stay with predefined product categories.

With a well-designed user experience through a web-based portal, the model also allows MSP to easily on board as many customers as they wish, with streamlined onboarding, a “pay only for what you use” approach, with clearly defined benefits showing precisely how much is being spent on cloud consumption and where the spend can be reduced in near real time. The Optimizer Loop runs continually and with no human intervention necessary when each instance is defined, with policies set, and notifications and alerts that drive greater productivity for MSPs who no longer need to worry about conducting manual analyses.

Kalibr8’s platform can help MSPs understand a VM’s usage pattern and make more accurate decisions as to when each scaling or schedule group must be available to users. MSPs can also easily see savings from scheduling & scaling VM’s and cost usage in dollars and cents over defined billing period, as well as build, view and understand overtime of VM costs versus specification and requirements against each VM’s intended use.

For SMBs there is an ever-increasing number of applications and tools they must find, learn, certify, deploy, and untimely manage to deliver services effectively to their customers.

MSPs can help combat these hurdles for SMBs with Kalibr8’s platform, as it provides:

  • A centralized portal to leverage more advanced management capabilities over time. These include horizontal scaling, power consumption savings, and cloud insights, trends, and usage data.
  • A single view across multiple clouds with data on cost, power consumption and overall optimization to ensure customer cloud assets are being adequately tracked with automated management and scheduling.
  • Automated scheduling capability and automated scaling capability to optimize 24/7 resources to ensure customers are only paying for peak use when peak use is necessary.
  • Analysis of cloud tenants to help ascertain the behaviors and characteristics of each customer cloud instance.

“Our platform makes it easy for MSP to collaborate with their customers to maximize budgets and confidence in their cloud operating expenses, and to clearly understand costs and savings by resources, group, subscription or tenant,” McGahon said.

Kalibr8 is continually assessing Microsoft Azure cloud services they release further capabilities to manage customer environments to a more granular level. Kalibr8 aims by Q1 of 2023 to integrate Azure, AWS and GCP accessible and managed within a unified environment, orchestrating all data into a “single pane of glass” view and experience. Designed from the ground up for MSPs, Kalibr8’s operations, analytics and reporting features can be configured to any service provider’s specific needs.

New Board Members Named

Kalibr8 has also assembled a world-class Board of technology, Internet and cloud leaders including:

Paschal Naylor, Board Chairman and co-founder and former CEO of Arkphire, the Irish IT Consulting and managed-services company acquired by US tech firm Presidio in 2021.

Dermot Benson, Board Member and longtime executive consultant expert in leadership development, team building, corporate training, change management, executive mentoring, management consulting, business consulting, and individual motivational focus.

Howard Roberts, Board Member and CTO at Kalibr8, after co-founding and serving as the CTO of Arkphire. Prior to joining Arkphire in 2006, Howard was Technical Director with Xnet Information Systems, Country Manager for Redstor Ltd and Principal Consultant with Sabeo Technologies Ltd.

Alex Russo, Board Member (US) and former Executive Chairman and CEO who has led a series of tech-driven, PE-sponsored global companies over the past 20 years, managing their sale for a total of $1.25 billion in cash, representing a cumulative shareholder return of >3X.

David Walsh, Board Member (US) and disruptor and innovator across a range of technology driven markets over the course of his 30+ year career in fintech, networking, cloud, software and services who has built, scaled, and sold companies from start-ups to global enterprises, generating billions of cumulative gains for investors and management teams.

McGahon is also a Board Member, in addition to serving as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

With global headquarters located in Dublin, Kalibr8 has also established a presence in NY, NY as part of its strategy to expand in the U.S. market, where the MSP industry is growing at a fast pace, and cloud adoption continues to rise. The company is recruiting talent across the spectrum, from software engineers and developers to project managers, as well as leaders in sales, marketing, business development, channel success and more as it continues to invest in its “pure channel” go-to-market strategy.

About Kalibr8

Kalibr8 cloud optimization SaaS delivers automated and easy-to-use cloud-cost solutions to organizations through Managed Service Providers and Distributors. Kalibr8’s automated cloud optimization capabilities allow MSPs to manage their customer’s cloud resources easily. No coding, No scripting, No hassle.

For more information, please visit https://kalibr8.io/ and follow us on LinkedIn.

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