Empowering Cloud Excellence: Pax8 and Kalibr8 Unite to Revolutionize MSP Cloud Management
Author: Ben McGahon
Article | Pax8
Date: June 10, 2024

In a world with an exceeding amount of burgeoning digital applications and trends, no trend is more of a priority for enterprises across a variety of industries than cloud optimization. With a focus on minimizing resource waste and optimizing efficiency, cloud optimization can provide an enterprise with reduced overspending, improved transparency in cloud expenditure, and enhanced utilization of cloud resources.

However, cloud administration can be quite complex, which is why a majority of organizations nowadays entrust their quest for cloud optimization to a managed service provider (MSP) partner. In fact, a study shows that when enterprises allow for MSPs to take the lead regarding cloud optimization, they see a 53 percent overall reduction in cloud costs.

Yet, even though MSPs have already shown they can be a pivotal piece of the cloud optimization puzzle, they still require enhanced tools that can provide a more in-depth, centralized picture of the cloud computing framework.

While cloud marketplaces have already somewhat proven to be able to offer the abilities MSPs require in the quest to combat cloud waste, some are now positioning themselves as designed for MSPs. By finding a cloud marketplace partner with this mindset, MSPs can acquire the tools necessary to unlock the potential of cloud optimization.

This is why at Pax8, we recently partnered with Kalibr8, a provider of a comprehensive, multi-tenant cloud management platform enabling managed service providers (MSPs) to understand better and adjust cloud computing environments to ensure efficient operations, eliminate waste, and enhance security and compliance in the cloud.

A New Partner

Our new partner, Kalibr8, provides a single-pane-of-glass view, enabling efficient management and optimization of cloud resources across multiple customers and environments. With advanced analytics, automated optimization, discovery tools, and fraud detection features, Kalibr8 empowers MSPs to streamline their operations and maximize their clients’ cloud investments.

Kalinr8’s platform also allows MSPs to build, view, and understand over time of VM costs vs. specifications and requirements against each VM’s intended use. The platform will enable MSPs to control their client’s cloud costs through automated capabilities that help them identify unmanaged resources, accurately allocate costs, and even implement effective governance.

“In today’s digital landscape, cloud optimization and efficient cost management are essential for organizations to thrive,” said Nikki Meyer, Pax8 Corporate Vice President of Vendor Global Alliance. “We are pleased to welcome Kalibr8 to our Marketplace as a unique new offering, empowering our partners to enhance their customers’ cloud operations and eliminate unnecessary expenses.”

A Boon for MSPs

While the new partnership is undoubtedly beneficial for both Kalibr8 and ourselves at Pax8, the real winners from the new union are MSPs, who can now provide enhanced cloud optimization services to their clientele with our cloud marketplace.

Through Kalibr8’s advanced analytics and actionable features, partners on the Pax8 Marketplace can now optimize cloud usage and spending patterns, identify underutilized resources, make necessary adjustments such as downscaling and decommissioning resources, and take advantage of reserved instance opportunities.

Furthermore, by automating scheduling to balance peak and off-peak needs, Kalibr8 ensures that organizations pay only for what they need, reducing costs, improving operational efficiency, and delivering up to 65 percent monthly savings to partners through its optimization platform.

“Pax8 has changed forever how MSPs can discover, provision, and deliver cloud services to their end customers, with a marketplace that simplifies operations and dramatically improves margins,” said Ben McGahon, Founder and CEO of Kalibr8. “After working closely with the Pax8 crew, we are proud to make our cloud optimization automation software available to the tens of thousands of MSPs Pax8 serves, making it easier than ever for them to manage cloud resources and maximize margins with little effort required.

On top of this, having been built specifically with MSPs in mind, Kalibr8’s multi-tenant capabilities, detailed billing and reporting features, and automated cloud exploration tools make it easy for partners to identify optimization opportunities for their customers.

The platform also enhances security and compliance in the cloud, incorporating observability and alerting features to prevent fraud and potential hijacking of resources. Partners can also now use Kalibr8 with their Azure operations, with more cloud providers available in the future.

Kalibr8 will be exhibiting at Pax8’s flagship Beyond 2024 partner event on June 9-11 at the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center for those interested in learning more.

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